Monday, December 22, 2008

Silver Screen | Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Good laugh! Good laugh! I got to watch this for free and got to spend time with my friends. Beverly Hills Chihuahua ~ talking chihuahua to be exact. Dog lovers would like this, especially chihuahua owners. You'll never know that you're having a warrior at your lap!

So, don't treat them bad! Or too nice! And dogs do not need booties for their paws! PLEASE!

Chloe, the main chihuahua was dog-napped! Being a famous dog with a diamond collar? That's inviting trouble. But Chloe found her way of being a true chihuahua with help from the street dogs. Finally found and she lived happily ever after.

What do you mean by "Ha? Is that it?"! Hey! I did say that it was a good laugh! Not a must see :p

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