Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Silver Screen | IP MAN

Woah! Just when I thought there was no nice movie for Christmas. Well, I was expecting it to be an English movie. Something Christmasy. Harry Potter was no where to be seen. And since this was on with Donnie Yen, let's do it!

I'm glad I did! It was telling the story of a legendary kungfu master ~ Ip Man *NOT I.P MAN* He was one of Bruce Lee's sifu that taught him Wing Chun. This kungfu was created by a women! Yeay! And it's not sissy for a guy to learn this ya!

Those were the time when learning kungfu is a hobby. In this town, there were dozens of kungfu centre but Ip Man was just a normal guy that just loves practising it and does not have any disciples. When you're good, others will come and challenge you. Ip Man happily and professionally ward these people off. And I must add ~ very stylish too!

Times went bad with the Japs invaded China and this story tells you how he survived it with dignity and pride. I loved it. Maybe you do too!

Visit: http://www.ipman-movie.com/

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