Monday, December 8, 2008

Wassup | Joy To The World

In this case is joy to Lin & Alex. For their newborn boy ~ Wayne Ooi. Safely joined us on 5th Dec 2008. I was told that the date was supposed to be mid-Dec. I think he wants to meet his mommy and daddy earlier!

"Hello, world!"

Lin, now her designation has been upgraded to "MOM". Cannot play-play already. And I've also been upgraded to become "AUNTY". Yes. I'm getting older by the day. I don't think any kids will be calling me "CHE CHE" anymore *translation: big sister"

Me having a bad day, a day before. Looking at the yawning of this little kiddo just made my day seems brighter. Little wonders, eh? Wayne will be loved and pampered by everyone as he's the first baby in Lin's and Alex's family, as well as the first baby among their gang of friends. Imagine what he'll get for his birthday. . . WOW!


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