Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wassup | L License


Just got back from my driving lesson *yes. . . I'm learning again* Don't get me wrong now. I got my driving lesson after my Form 5. And how do you say it??? *_* It was framed on the wall for erm. . . * I can't recall how many years* Paiseh lah...

The first few times was driving in my housing area. Today we went to the "BIG" road. Meaning more cars! ARGHHHH!!! I was so stress out! *pls stop laughing* My dad was coaching me and I know he must be disappointed at my performance. Sigh...

So, people! PRAY HARD, HARD for me... I want to drive!!!


1 comment:

Gnet2Bu2 said...

waahahahahahaha....get the taste of road monster! :P

keep it up and see you at crab session!