Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cubicle | Love is in the . . . (pls fill in yourself)

It was my boss 3rd anniversary yesterday! Wohoo!!! She warned us not to panic if there was an earthquake last night O_o If you know what she meant. She does look glowing this morning. *had a GREAT night loh!*
And lookie what she got! Awwwww!!!!

I really wonder does guys really remember dates? Especially a few years down the road. Ya, ya... Before marriage, everything will remember. But after? Is there any guarantee to it? Or do they purposely choose the easy dates to remember to get married? Or get registered? Anyhow, us females are suckers to flowers and gifts. It's really enough if they remember all the sweet things. Maybe we should have pop-quiz on anniversaries! Just to test them. Am really sure they won't get full marks.

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