Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Konichiwa | Day 4 ~ Tsukiji, Akihabara, Asakusa, Shinjuku

I was a but sceptical about going to Tsukuji ~ the fish market. Coz it's a market. But everyone was asking whether we're going or not. Actually to go to the market, we need to be there around 6am! We're not crazy or coz! We went there around 9am and the market was closed for visitor. Ended up walking around there and look for fresh sashimi for lunch. Very fresh! But I can't seem to find those irresistible small octopus! Sigh. . . And the Unagi sushi ~ just melt inside your mouth and makes you go "uhhhhhh" I'm not sure how much it all cost, THANKS FOR LUNCH YA!

To Tsukiji Market
Fresh sushi ~ one of the people here witness a life prawn on sushi

Window shopping for "hoi mei"

Next stop ~ Akihabara, the gadgets street. You can get cheap gadgets from the cute iPod to my dream ~ DSLR Nikon camera. I'm so tempted to buy it but scared about the warranty of it. So, no choice lah. We thought of just spending an hour here but ended up 3 hours here! You know why? Coz we went to "luk kai dan" ~ those machines that rolls out eggs with cute stuff in it. There is this departmental store . . . . . . , has at least 10 floors! There was 600 "egg" machines at the 6th floor. But as we stopped on every floor to see stuff. Me and Weng got ourselves cool headphones that's considered cheap compared to Malaysia.

Cool? 1,980 yen each

And about the "eggs", I got myself a total of 5 eggs! Varying from 200-300 yen. It was nice! See?

The eggs

The machines

Besides gadgets, anime lovers would love it here. There's a lot of anime stores but we found 1 only. No time! Must save time coz we're meeting Kenji-san in Shinjuku for dinner and drink! And he promised us to bring somewhere special. *wink~wink*

Nice figures

Trying mu luck on the "kiap" dolls machine ~ I did'nt get it

Quickly made our way to Akasuka ~ "lei men". This was where we wanted to go. Weng came here before ~ so, it was just me wanting to come here. Actually it's a temple with rows of stall before reaching it. Bought biscuits and key chains here. There's nothing much here except for the big lanterns here. Hehe.

Big lanterns

There was about 1 hour left and we're rushing to Shinjuku. And we got lost in transaction. *paiseh* We need to change train lines and ended up stuck in between stations because of the different company (like when you buy Putra LRT ticket and you can board a Star LRT). But the stations are connected. It was confusing! Me and Weng "gan jeung" and was 1/2 hour late! Then finally got to Shinjuku but we're at the wrong exit! OMG! We walked around and finally found Takashimaya. In mind, we're thinking Kenji might have went home. But he was there waiting for us ~ laughing. He said it's either we're lost in transaction or lost in time. *we're 45 minutes late* SORRY KENJI!

Enough of rushing around. We made a pit-stop for desserts. Had Japanese crepe. And a cute cheese cake. Expensive woh for such a small cake. It was nice! The thing is ~ Japanese do everything using the best ingredients, use all their efforts. No cincai-cincai stuff.
You want to try?

Stuffing our faces, we have no more space for dinner ~ for now. Kenji took us to a place called Tokyo Metropolitan Government No. 2 Building. It was a long walk, especially in my boots and dress (it was windy~cold) But seeing Tokyo night view was priceless. It was worth coming here. Plus, it's FREE!!! There's a restaurant there and I assume it will cost quite a pinch. We can get some souvenirs here too as there is a store here. Or maybe just enjoy the view . . . Ahhhhh . . . . .

Tokyo night

Feeling the hunger bug strikes again, we head to "gwei jau uk" it's like a bar/cafe. This is where most Japanese come to chill-out after work. So, can see a lot of Japanese with suits drinking beer or sake and chatting away. Weng tried the Unagi rice and we're speechless. *burp!* Kenji ordered some other small dishes which was equally delicious.

Unagi rice

McD @ Tokyo

Bidding goodbye to Kenji, we headed back to our hotel. But as always we need to try out McD! There was this happy meal that I wanted *giving out Chibi Maruko* but when I paid and get the nuggets, he said it was for tomorrow. Aiyah! It was already 11.40pm but I don't know how to speak Japs, so no Chibi Maruko. Sigh....

Next step ~ soak feet, bath, sleep & GET READY FOR DISNEYLAND, TOKYO!

~end day 4~

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