Monday, October 20, 2008

Trippin | Melaka (again?)

Yea that's rite! Melaka again. It was actually a chance for Weng to test his car for long journey. So, we ended up in Melaka with a few friends. True enough, the ride was smooth and surprisingly we didn't even realized that it was running about 130! Hope there won't be any saman knocking on his door.

Before heading to Melaka, I went to get my wheels! Yeay! Nope I didn't drove it back home. My dad did. If i was to drive it, I don't think I can reach home. o_O Then Weng need to visit the doc coz he wasn't feeling himself. I called him lobster *he's so brightly red* Still, the doctor say he's OK. Don't know what kind of doctor but we waited quite long loh. Couldn't resist to kacau this little fellow.

Feeling adventourous, we went to stay at a guest house. You know? Those without TV, air-cond and fridge? And we need to use the bath and toilet which was shared among the guests in the guest house. Wow! First and the last time. It was belonged to Voyage Traveler. It was meant for back-packers ~ not for city-slickers like us. It cost us RM35 per room. So, we can't complain. I still like staying in Hotel Puri.

It looks scarier at night

At night was a bit scary ~ the toilet is downstairs. So before heading to bed, we did all our businesses. Don't really want to walk down alone. Funny thing is there wasn't any mozzie around, which was great. But I didn't really get any sleep there. And I ended back to KL with rashes ~ "fung mok" Itchy and red spots. Arghh!!!

But it's a good place to snap pix! I love the oldness of the place. How I wish I got DSLR. . . I would taken loads more of pix! Here are a few taken with my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N2.

p/s: just to let you know ~ this place is smacked between a coffin shop and a place where those ceremony takes place *da jai* BUT... nothing scary happened to us. Thank GOD!

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