Friday, October 17, 2008

Wassup | Happenings

I had an OK week. Been really busy with work ~ trying to be a sponge and absorb as much as I could. *I hope I don't turn yellow and become Spongebob* I tagged along my big boss to a presentation that I've helped in preparing. It was good exposure. I admit I was nervous even though that I'm not the one presenting. But it went on well! Yeay!

And tomorrow I'll be getting my wheels! Yeehar! Excited? Scared? I dunno. It's been a while. . . But I really need the freedom and independence. No more asking people's favours.

Yeap. Still bitter, milder now.


Autumn Moth said...

babehh.. when can we go for a ride in ya new wheels? o(",)o

~niCoLe~ said...

if u dare to lar