Monday, October 6, 2008

Konichiwa | Day 1 ~ Hakone

I'm here! I'm here! I never thought that I would set foot in Japan! The flight was 7 hours ++. Kinda bumpy ride as the weather in Tokyo was not that good.

My flight JL 0724

Landed at Narita Airport around 7.30am (6.30am local time). We're shoved onto a bus that drove us to the outskirts. We made a few pit-stops ~ at Shisui and another place . . . erm . . . I can't remember what's the name. We had a quick Moz Burger bite. Was told it was the most popular in Japan.
Then, we continued our journey to Gotemba for our first Japanese cuisine. Ramen and sashimi! It was nice. Sashimi was fresh! Weather was gloomy and rainy. It was real cold being at the outskirts.
MOZ burger
First Japs cuisine @ Gotemba

Heading back to the bus, we went for Lake Aishi for a real short lake cruise. Couldn't really get a nice shot as it was still raining. Sigh . . . What a waste!

Next on the schedule was supposed to be viewing the sulfuric place around there but since it was raining we made a pass and head for SHOPPING! @ GOTEMBA PREMIUM OUTLETS. Yeah baby!!! This is where all the branded stuff being at a cheaper price. But bear in mind that only old stocks are cheap. Whereas new arrival is quite the same price. You can easily get Coach bags at 50-70% off! Did I hear you scream? Hahaha!

But it doesn't matter to me as I'm no sucker to branded stuff. I went for Nike only and bought myself a jacket for a little more than RM100. Cheap? You can say that comparing with the price in Malaysia.
Some of the stores @ Gotemba Premium Outlets

My Nike jacket @ 3,465 yen

Some people went lost during the shopping spree and the others ended up waiting for about an hour. Thus, we were late for dinner at the hotel. Sigh. . . Luckily it was at the hotel and not elsewhere. If not, our dinner would be cancelled.

Our hotel for the night is Hotel Mifujien, oversee the huge lake. Ahhhh!!! Refreshing after the whole day ordeal.

Full course Japs dinner

View from my room

So, there goes the first day. . .

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