Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Konichiwa | Day 3 ~ Harajuku, Omote Sando, Shinjuku, Roponggi

Sleeping only for 4-5 hours, we were up for our 1st free n easy day! This is where the adventure begins.
This is where we should go out

Harajuku ~ the youngster street where sometimes you'll see some weird dress-up. It wasn't the weekend so we only managed to see a few. True enough I'm not a youngster anymore. I feel so over-aged at this street.

Takeshita Street

Tired of people-watching, we grab another fast food ~ Lotteria. Portion was a bit smaller than MOS burger and McD. Oh and you need to clean up the table when you're done eating. Everyone does it. Not wanting to be an alien here, we throw out the rubbish and place back the tray. Good citizen, eh? :)

I think we had beef burger ~ pat chi jey, pat jui

As we were waiting for Weng's friend *that stays in Japan*, we hiked our way to the Meiji Shrine which was "supposedly" is next to Harajuku. It was worth it. Once you stepped on the trail, you won't know that you're in the city. It's so peaceful. . . It's about 10-15 minutes walk from the road. Not only just travellers like us, lot'sa Japanese was seen heading to the shrine. It's beautiful. But Loong and Na doesn't want to join us for this serene place. They continued their shopping journey at Shibuya. It's very convenient ~ just take the train and *PRESTO* you're there!

Meiji Shrine ~ must visit

Having a "local-ist" to bring us around was great. Weng said he got to see more things as there is no need for him to look at the map anymore. *i thought that i was doing that :)* We walk through Omote Sando ~ the branded street. And would you have known there is a designer street smacked in the middle of Omote Sando. It's called "Cat Street". I can't really remember what our friend told us about the history. But according to him, most of the fashion photos are taken here. Nope, I didn't bump into any fashion patrol there.

Omote Sando & Cat Street

Oh. If you're looking for sport shoes. You can get it cheap at ABC Mart. Designs here are those you won't see in Malaysia. I didn't find my dream shoes though. Weng got himself a pair of handsome Adidas. I think it's around RM300++. I wanted to get Onizuka Tiger *it's a Japan brand* I thought it would be cheap here but it was about RM400!!! Cancel lar.


We made a quick stop at Shibuya to meet up with the others for dinner. Look at the crowd! Last night was raining, can't really see the people there. I'm so scared that I'll get lost there.

Shibuya crossroad ~ shocking!

Shinjuku was our next destination. Saw Times Square ~ Takashimaya is there. This Times Square has 11 floors I think. It can survive! All floors are full of people. Not like our own Times Square here ~ swatting flies only. Uh! I did have a glimpse of Isetan ~ the jewel of Japan, as our friend says. Yes. It's huge! 2 buildings ~ 1 for female and 1 for male. And Isetan have their own credit card which only can be used in Isetan. Yeng lor!

Takashimaya ~ Times Square

Introducing Kenji-san! Weng's school-mate. Does he look Japanese? Hehe! He's been here for 6 years! WOW! First to study ~ now looking for job. All the best to you! And thanks for everything in Japan! When you come back ~ we treat you bak kut teh, hokkien mee, mamak stall *things that's missing in Japan*

Kenji & me

He took us to this nice ramen shop. And ramen here is totally different of what we had in Malaysia ~ even in those Japanese restaurants. Sorry ~ no translation here. One word ~ DELICIOUS!

Our ramen ~ *amn nice!

Our last stop for the day is Tokyo Tower. It was already closed when we reached here. It closes at 9pm, I think. But it doesn't matter, never intended to go up there. Just wanted to see the tower and snap some pix.

Tokyo Tower ~ similar to Eiffel Tower *don't you think so?*

By this time, my legs are numb from walking. I just wanted to go back to the hotel and soak my aching feet. Ahhhh.... Nevertheless, I enjoyed today ~ even with me wearing my boots the whole day!

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