Monday, October 27, 2008

Wassup | BBQ Reunion

Since it's Deepavali this week, we all had a BBQ reunion @ Ah Bu's place. It's actually a de-stress session for those who needed it. Hahaha! I know lot's been going on there but guys, keep a cool head ya?

I was in charge of the chicken wings which I've carefully prepare at the wee hours of Sunday morning. Why so late? Let me tell you...

Rushed to Tesco Damansara to get wings and the marinate stuff. And SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Tesco Damansara doesn't have any marinate sauces. No BBQ sauce! No Teriyaki sauce! Not even mustard! WTF??!! It was nearly 10pm. How am I going to get the sauces? Then Weng said got Cold Storage mah. "You go there, I pay the chicken wings here" So, i dashed out of Tesco to Ikano! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! It was closed! *stress~stress* I kept imagining Rachel's voice in my head "HA! Told you to go buy early-early!"

Think~think~think. . .

Jusco Kepong!!! It closes at 11pm. Yeay! Got the sauces. So, now you know why I was massaging the chicken wings at 12am.

And here is the outcome

Attendance was great. The whole bunch of the old gang was there plus the newbies too. It was a blast. Everyone had fun chatting, eating and getting drunk!

da booze

We whacked half bottle of Chivas, nearly full JW, 1 bottle of wine, 3 big bottles of beer and a dash of JD. *hic! hic!*

It all ended around 2am. Not all was still there. Those cowards! Ran back home before the real drinking started. Bong climbed Kelly's automatic gate just to get away! *CHICKEN!!!*

It was real great to have this get together. Really missed you guys. And gals. As Rachel said, it'll be hard to organize this again. Everyone is leaving to here and there. All the best to all of you. Here are some memories. . . *wet eyed*

The big G2DI gang ~ old & new

Databed *database* team ~ YM, Nala, me & Grace

Interactibe *interactive* team ~ Ah Ney, Ah Bu & Ah Bong

The geeky programmer people

Thanks Ah Bu for the place!Thank you auntie too! And thank you all for showing up.


Autumn Moth said...

hehe we all had a great time! Thank you for the food and drinks! Hopefully we shall have gatherings this again sometime SOON.

Jagjit said...

Hey! i dint know u guys too celebrate dipawli... was amzed to knw that. seems u had grt time... happy dipawli to you :)

kennhyn said...

bbq should go with more beer, as it will enhance the taste even more.....cheers!!!