Monday, October 27, 2008

Silver Screen | 2 Movies in 2 days

Finally made some time to hit the cinema. First choice ~ Bangkok Dangerous. To see my Nicolas Cage in action. It was a cool movie ~ I'm not sure if it's just because Nicolas was in it. Hehe!

Joe, is a hitman ~ a real cool one! He lives within his 4 rules. . .
  • Don't ask questions
  • There is no right and wrong
  • Do not an any interest in people outside of work
  • Know when to get out
But I felt that the ending is not that good. It could be done better. It's like why did he did that?

Anyway, talking back to the movie... He has 4 jobs in Bangkok *thus the name Bangkok Dangerous, duh!* He's done the first 3 jobs effortlessly. And he even taken in 1 student *he's kinda cute too* But the 4th job is to kill a politician, which was not part of the contract. And that is when the boss wants to shut him up. As they said ~ nothing is more deadlier than a hitman hitting back. Love interest? Yes! Charlie Young. She's deaf in this movie. Too bad ehh. . .

Next in line ~ Max Payne. Heard that it was not a good movie. But still I went to see it coz the name Max Payne. Gamers should know this better. I didn't played it but I knew about the game. It's like those CS games. Neh. . . Shoot here and there gar...

Mark Wahlberg done a good job in portraying Max. But the storyline itself wasn't something to be proud of. It did have some game elements in it ~ nice graphics, good choreography. But something is still missing.

Max is a cop stationed at the Cold Case Dept ~ for those unsolved cases. There's a reason to it. His wife and baby was killed and the killer was never found. Chasing shadows for 3 years still did not give him any leads. At the end, he couldn't believe that the person that he trusted the most was the killer. Short and simple. . .

Conclusion ~ I choose Bangkok Dangerous over Max Payne. Sorry, Max!

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