Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Konichiwa | Day 2 ~ Fuji-Q, Ginza, Shibuya

Look at that!

Arrrgghhh~~~~~ Look at those roller-coasters! It's life threatening! This is not for the faint-hearted, mind you. I for myself, only managed to get on one ride. *was screaming my head off the whole time, hehe* If you wanted to know, it's called Panic Clock.

Yeap. That's me there

So, where are we today. It's a amusement park called Fuji-Q.I think it's near to Mount Fuji thus the name. But it was still raining. Sigh! It's full of those roller coaster. I'm not too keen on those. And Weng only wants to try the Ghost House and have a look at the Gundam Mania. Thank GOD.

How can we miss going on the Ferris Wheel? It was a slow and nice ride. There is carriages for couples and for 4. Me and Weng took the couples carriage. It's transparent. Don't get excited, ya! No proposal happened.
Ferris Wheel~ the steady ride
Then off we went to the Ghost House. I think it's more like a hospital. It looks scary! I was having second thoughts about it. But hey! Need to try it, right? So, I braved to the entrance. It needs extra charge of 500 yen. As the 'nurse' giving the intro ~ it was in Japanese, we waited anxiously. Finally we made our way to the photo taking session provided by them. And our journey starts. *jeng, jeng, jeng* Sorry, there is no photo taking inside.

Scary, no?

Our little friend here awaits you at the queue

And OH BOY! It was scary. It was divided into 3 levels. We went in as a group ~ supposed to be 4 of us, Weng, Me, Loong and Na. But 2 Hongkie girls joined us as we're speaking Cantonese at that time. First, 1 torch light was given. It was real dark inside. With all the sound effects. And the zombie-like models. Then at level 2, the zombie starts to chase us. I was screaming and running for my dear life. Lastly, the torch light was taken away. And I thought it was over. But NO! We have to continue into the pitch dark hallway. ARGHHHH!!!!!

The last stretch was the scariest. Hearts was thumping, body was sweating. OMG! You need to try this one! But fret not! In each level, there is an emergency exit if you don't want to continue. *LOSER!*

I shall not go into details of all the rides. We had a quick lunch @ Studio Dining. Time was running out as we need to head back to Tokyo. The ride took about 2 hours, I think. It was a long journey. We're so bored on the bus!


We reached Ginza about night time. Well, kinda night time coz by 6pm, the sky will be as dark as 8pm! We walked a bit around the Ginza Street. Most of it are branded stores. Snap a few pix and we head for our "real fast" BBQ buffet dinner. It was so fast that I didn't really took photos. We were like shoving food down our throats. Note to one-self ~ do not use SUNWAY TRAVEL!

@ Ginza Street

After our Olympic record-breaking dinner. We're taken to our hotel of 2 days. Hotel Grand Palace is the name. The night is still young, people! We brave the rain to Shibuya ~ taking the most complicated train system that I've ever seen. But we're intelligent people, rite? We really got to Shibuya around 8.30pm. But it was raining and most of the shops are closing up. Note to one-self ~ stores in Shibuya closes around 9pm *that's the latest, here*

We're at Kundashita station ~ heading to Shibuya station

rain ~ rain ~ go away ~ come again another day

Feeling defeated by the rain, we head back to our hotel and have a drink at the bar opposite our hotel. 500 yen for a glass of beer. And we're drinking most of the nights here. Thanks to . . .

~End of Day 2~

*p/s: i'm sorry, weng*

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