Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wassup | Jay Chou's CAPRICORN

OK. Let's talk about JAY CHOU now. Album will be out tomorrow *YEAY*. But I'm going to get it only this weekend. Sigh. . . I pre-purchase it via myjaysian. Not sure why is it so late to get it. Anyway, the steel version is to die for!


I'm sure there are lot's of you downloaded it (shame on you!). But here is the song list. Got difference leh? Uh! Uh! It comes with a DVD too! With 2 MTVs. I wonder why it didn't include my fav song ~ 說好的幸福呢 [shuo hao de xing fu ne]. . . And 時光機 is a great song too.

Song Lists

01 龍戰騎士 [long zhan ji shi]
02 給我一首歌的時間 [gei wo yi shou ge de shi jian]
03 蛇舞 [she wu]
04 花海 [hua hai]
05 魔術先生 [mo shu xian sheng]
06 說好的幸福呢 [shuo hao de xing fu ne]
07 蘭亭序 [lan ting shu]
08 流浪詩人 [liu lang shi ren]
09 時光機 [shi guang ji]
10 喬克叔叔 [qiao ke shu shu]
11 稻香 [dao xiang]

01 稻香
02 給我一首歌的時間

Feast yourself with this 2 minutes MV ~ 說好的幸福呢

So, what do you think?

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