Monday, April 28, 2008

Trippin | Melaka Bandar Bersejarah

Last weekend was REALLY HOT in Melaka! I was sweating like a bacon. And I thought that I might faint coz of heat stroke. There wasn't much to do in KL for the weekend, so we headed to Melaka.

Stayed a night at Hotel Puri which was wonderful. Far much better than Baba House across the street. Baba House does look a bit haunted to me. Sorry... Talking back on Hotel Puri. It's actually a boutique hotel. We took the cheapest room, a standard room cost RM120++ (RM138 including taxes) But I recommend you to take the suites. It looks nice. Take a peek at much can be said about Melaka as I've been there tonnes of time. But the food are to die for. Loved the cendol here with the Gula Melaka. You can't get anything like this in KL. And the Nyonya Laksa... Hmmmm! Talking about it makes me hungry... There are a lot of stalls/shops/restaurant serves these. But I still like to visit this Antique Shop 88 @ Jonker Street.

For those that haven't been to Melaka (not likely, loh) ~ have to take a stroll to the Jonker Street pasar malam on Saturday (not sure about Sunday). It looks like a flea market to me though. Lot'sa stuff to be seen and bought. Oh! And for those non-shopper, pubs and cafe can be found here too. I did have a drink or two that night. Thanks Alan and friends! According to Alan, the ritual is ~ drink ~ eat roti bakar & half-boiled egg @ the corner around Equatorial Hotel ~ char siu (roasted pork) rice ~ dim sum ~ go home & sleep. Fortunately, we ended at the roti bakar place and THE END. Hahaha!

Before heading back to KL, me and Wend had our lunch at some place new called Calanthe Art Cafe. As we don't want to be eating the same stuff like chicken rice ball. It's cozy inside here. Not many people coz I think it's far from the normal people traffic. Food was OK OK only. But there are a lot of coffee selection. Using our Malaysia 13 states to name the coffee. Besides that, there are a lot more to choose. I personally recommend to have coffee here. More than half of their menu are on coffee. Good try though...
Till we meet again, Melaka!!!

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