Thursday, April 3, 2008

Conquering Taipei | D7 ~ BYE BYE TAIPEI!!!

I actually didn't sleep at all. Yesterday drinking session ended at 12.30am. Reached hotel, bath, packed. It was already 2am! Our van comes at 4am send us to the airport. It costs us NT1300 for 1 van. We asked the hotel staff to help us as at that wee hours it is difficult to get public transportation. Plus, we have lotsa luggage.

Our flight is at 7.40am. I thought that it would take us 1 hour to reach the airport (from the estimation time when we reach Taipei on the 1st day). But, according to the driver it only takes 30 minutes to reach there at this hour. Aiya! Anyway, Fong and Siew was late. Over-slept woh! Hahaha.
Our scheduled flight
We reached Taoyuan Airport at 5am! Way too early. Some of us catch a nap. Weng gets cranky if he doesn't get sleep. You noticed that I don't have much photos to show coz everyone was blur-blur and no mood to take any photos. And feeling sad too. . . Going back to M'sia and some of them starts work the next day. Luckily for me and Weng, we took the whole week off! Wohoo!
Our flight ~ MH95
Our flight took 4 hours. And checking our flight status, I can see the temperature in KL was 32 Celsius. Argh! In Taipei, it's only 18 Celsius! Well, let's admit it. I need to let Taipei go! I'm sure I'll go back there someday...

"Ai Taiwan"

Now, now... Let's not forget to thank those who made this trip a success. Without you all, there won't be FUN in fun. *Oh yea! Girls, at the hot spring, it will be our "little" secret* (whispering)

Lin & Alex ~ the newly-wed ~ thanks for letting us join your honeymoon trip. Hope that we'll get little Lin and little Alex later *wink!wink!*

Fong & Siew ~ the girl-friends ~ thanks for all the jokes and insights of all things. Wish Fong happy, happy always and Siew's business grow big-big!

Kean Kean & Hua Hua ~ the love-birds ~ thanks for being lovey-dovey in front of everybody without fail *will send you all the paparazzi photos of you two*. All the best to both of you.

Weng ~ my other half ~ thanks for being my translator and ATM. (hehe) But most of all thanks for being there, next to me...

As well as all the friendly and helpful Taiwanese that helped us along the way.

"Shieh shieh nie men!"

Those who's planning to go to Taiwan. Electricity is 110 Volts, 60 cycles AC. Remember to bring adaptors. You don't want your camera or mobile to be out of battery.


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