Monday, April 21, 2008

Hunting 4 Food | Chef & Brew

To the hungry.
To the weary.
To the chic.
To the working class heroes.
To the thinkers.
To the doers.
To happy hours.
To any hour.
To something timeless.
To something new.
To the dreamers.
To the realists.
To the mind, body and soul.
To Chef & Brew.

Found this place in Plaza Damansara, Damansara Heights. From far it looks really expensive. But hey! I love to hunt for food, especially with these bunch of friends.Surprisingly, Chef & Brew is quite OK. Like my Sizzling Grill Chicken is RM21.90 and Weng's Roast Lamb Shack is RM24.90. Portion was fulfilling too. Just have a look!
Roast Lamb Shack & Sizzling Grill Chicken

Maybe I jumped to the main course too fast. Hehe! Was really excited! *can't blame me*
So, let's start off with the appetizer. The Chili Lamb (RM16.90) and Cheese Wanton (RM7.90) was recommended. The Chili Lamb was nice, taste like our Chinese "kung po" but I feel that the Cheese Wanton is just normal fried wanton sprinkled with cheese powder.

Cheese Wanton & Chili Lamb

I didn't have soup though but from my friend's bowl, it's nothing to brag about. So, here comes the main dish. I was recommended to have the Sizzling Grill Rib Eye (RM39.90). But my tummy wasn't in the mood for beef. I chose the chicken instead. Beware! When having the sizzling dishes, they will give you a bip! Yes, those napkin tied to your neck like a baby. The others ordered sizzling rib eye and sizzling ..... . All are served with black sauce, veggies and french fries. As for the lamb shack, it's served with mashed potato instead of french fries. Weng couldn't even finish his lamb shack. So, if you're up to it, remember to have an empty stomach ya!

As for quenching my thirst, I had the lemon lime juice. It's to burn up some fat. That was what I heard. But I would strongly recommend the coffee. Weng had the Jamaican Coffee. It's coffee mixed with Rum which was very good and pricey too (RM14.90). Here, they have quite a selection of coffee mixed with liquor. You can try it.

Jamaican Coffee

The ambiance was great. A nice place to chill out. If you're not up to for a big dinner, you can always opt to have a bottle of wine. As my friends are not the drinking type, we just stick back to dinner.

What's a dinner without dessert? The outlook of the desserts are nice. They have tiramisu, chocolate cake, brownie with ice cream, etc. I was quite full so Tara ended up ordering the brownie (RM7.90). To be honest, Secret Recipe's tastes better. As for the rest of the deserts, it's up to you to try it.
In total, it's a nice place but I might not be going there for quite some time. It's worth a try, though.

Epicure, 1, Jln Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara.

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