Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wassup | Sunny Wednesday

Yawn. . . It's a bright sunny Wednesday today. Wish it was a holiday. * I do wish that it was a holiday, everyday!*

I didn't lie about the sun

Feeling like having another short holiday soon. But where? That is near? No need to fly or drive long distance. I feel that there aren't any near place to KL. Nearest would be Melaka, PD and Genting. Whereby I've been there tonnes of time.

I want another holiday!!!

There is one place I would like to go though. . . Sekeping Serendah. It was told to be a very nice place (according to the website But the place is more suitable for a bunch of friends, more fun. It's in a middle of a jungle. SCARY!!!

From the same people of Sekeping Serendah there is another place called Seapark Brickhouse( It's in the middle of the city, PJ. It's actually a big bungalow. You can rent the whole house (RM600) or just a room (RM150). Not bad actually. Worth a shot. Feel free to surf their sites for more info.

Okay. Done day-dreaming...

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