Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Conquering Taipei | D6 ~ Longshan Temple, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Ximenting & Shihlin NM

Boo Hoo!!! (sob! sob!) It's the last day in Taipei. Tomorrow will be heading back to hot Malaysia. I really loved it here... I don't want to go home!!!

Since it's the last day, we all decided to have a Free & Easy day. Then, everyone has a chance to go wherever they want. Those wants to "pak tor", can go "pak tor". Those wants to shop till the last drop, can go shop. Hahaha!

As our last breakfast, we went around Longshan Temple. Ate "pai gu mien" Pork Rib Noodle. That's the thing in Taiwan. Even it's just a normal stall, it's delicious ~YUMMY
Pork rib noodle and "lu fan"
Surely we need to visit a temple while in Taiwan, right? Taiwan does have a lot of temples around. So, we decided to visit the nearest one, Longshan Temple. It is one of the oldest temple around. Even as early as 10am, the temple was filled with worshipers.
Longshan Temple
Just to show that we did our homework, we paid Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall a visit. It's a huge, huge place. Wei Kean & Li Hua eloped. So, it's just me, Weng, Fong, Siew, Lin and Alex to feel patriotic.
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial HallAfter nearly a week here, do we look Taiwanese?
Before we went our separate ways, we made a pit stop at KFC, Ximenting. Not stuffing myself too much, I made way for the famous "mee suah" like meehoon, more bubble tea and mini fried chicken. The bubble oolong tea was the best. I can't really remember how much it costs but hey it's the last day. I don't care anymore...
Ah Cheng Mien SienLegend Tea BarFried mini chickenOne last look at Ximenting before the sun goes down
Me & Weng head to Shihlin NM to "sapu" again. Hehe. Managed to snap a few pix before going crazy again.

We finally found the toilet themed restaurant, Toilet Modern. It has branch here in Shihlin. What a coincident that we bump into Wei Kean and Li Hua there. Surprisingly, Lin and Alex was also eating at Toilet Modern in Ximenting! This is what we called "GREAT MIND THINKS ALIKE". As we discussed later on, the one in Ximenting tasted better than the Shihlin branch.

Modern Toilet Restaurant Black pepper pork set, seafood pasta, ice-cream and drink in urinal bottle (argh!)

I've ordered a Black pepper pork set (NT180) that comes with ice-cream and tea. Add NT30, you can change the glass into a urinal bottle and you can take it home. Quite pricey for the so-so taste. But I reckon that the Ximenting branch taste better. If not, you ask my friend, Lin. Pasta looks nice too but nothing compared with Mr J II pasta. *Jie Lun! Jie Lun! (chanting)*

Then, we rush back to Ximenting to meet the others for a drink. Gals and guys separated. We had our drink at a cafe/pub in front of "Xi Men Hung Lou". There is a stretch of pubs/bars (pst! Weng suspect that some of it are gay bars)

Xi Men Hung Lou

So, there! We ended our Day 6. So sad... We took taxi back to Kilin Hotel and start packing up. Actually to think of how to stuff all our goodies into our luggage. Luckily that I brought an extra hand luggage. But it took lotsa effort to put all my trophies in. So, next time bring bigger luggage!

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