Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wassup | 2008 Olympic Torch @ KL

There is this buzz these few days. About what, you asked? The 2008 Olympic in Beijing! Well, it's going to happen in 08.08.08 *nice date (hou yat chi)* Anyway, I am proud to say that I've seen the torch! Well, it actually passed by my office at Jalan Sultan Ismail. So, what the heck! Let's go see, see, look, look.
Look at the crowd!

I awaited patiently at my floor, looking down the road. At 3.30, there was this dry-run which conned all of us in the office. Haih. There was a bunch of people lining up along the road. I can see China's flag being carried around. But from my floor, I can't tell much.

By 4.30, I catch another look out the window. Ohhh! I can see the police car and the fire truck. It's coming. Suddenly my "semangat berkobar-kobar"! Let's go down! If we watch it from here, it's like watching TV at home. So, I grabbed my digicam and rushed down and be among the crowds. My timing was just nice as they was about to pass the road.

And WOW! I saw it. The torch was beautiful in red and silver! With the fire burning up at top. It really makes me go AHHHHH..... I'm not sure who was holding the torch, a lady. I manage to snap a few pix.

Feeling patriotic?

And thanks to today's technology, every phone can record the event. Thanks Rachel for the clip!

You did noticed that someone was chanting something in the background. It was all the China supporters. Chanting "Beijing! Jia Yeow!" It was so patriotic! So enthusiastic! Suddenly, I have a urge to go to Beijing to watch this once in 4 years event ~ D' Olympic. Chey! Konon lah...

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