Thursday, April 10, 2008

Silver Screen | Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon

Get your history book and dictionary, people. (Well, for me lah) Three Kingdoms is about Chinese history which I'm very weak at. I'm English educated so please understand. This mandarin film stared by Andy Lau and Summo Hung. Lead actress is Maggie Q. Dated way back the centuries - post Han Dynasty, is about the war between the 3 kingdoms of Wu, Wei and Shu. Zhao Zilong (Andy Lau) is the legendary hero that sacrifices his life to war to fulfill a dream of peace. Luo Ping An (Summo Hung) is a coward that betray his country. Not like him, right? And the beautiful Maggie Q is Cao Ying, the grand daughter of Cao Cao army's commander. She is vicious in this movie.

This is where you'll see the 5 great warriors of Shu kingdom (5 Tigers Shu) - Guan Yunchang, Zhang Yide, Zhao Zilong, Huang Hansheng and Ma Mengqi. But in this movie it's more on Zhao Zilong. On his victories and sacrifices.

Overall, it's an OK movie for me. It's a historical type of movie. Can't expect anything more. Oh yea. Voices of Andy Lau, Summo Hung and Maggie Q are not their own even though they are speaking mandarin. I wonder why they dubbed it...

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