Monday, April 21, 2008

Silver Screen | Forbidden Kingdom

Two tigers cannot live in one mountain...

This was the punch-line. I'm really sorry to say that this wasn't what I expected from the collaboration of Jet Li and Jackie Chan. If you have already decided to watch this movie, please do not put so much hope in it. I feel that it was a really force-ful movie whereby it was forcefully being done in English just to have the story revolved around the "guei lo" aka the english kid. The only pure entertainment is during the fight between Jet Li (Silent Monk) and Jackie Chan (Lu Yan). That was really nice.
As I was saying, all the Chinese proverbs, names are translated into English. A direct translate, mind you. Such as "Two tigers cannot live in one mountain", "Five Elements Mountain", etc. Which I found it was very funny. But on the other hand, its just letting the non-Chinese to understand the movie.

I keep blaberring on the languages and haven't really said anything about the movie itself. OK. It's about a lost time traveller, travelled back in time to the ancient time when gods and mortal are visible to each other. Do I make any sense?

Remember our "Sun Wu Kong / suen em hung" the Monkey King? This is what the movie about. Freeing him by returning his golden staff (gam guong pang) to his statue at the Fifth Element Mountain (em chi san). Pardon the translation, ya. As you guessed, it's done by the kid - Jason, who is obsessed with martial arts. So, it's a dream come true to him to be taught kung fu by 2 "sifu".

2 lovely ladies also stars in this movie ~ the mature Li Bing Bing (Ni Chang) and the cute Liu Yi Fei (Golden Sparrow).

Well, that is my opnion lah. You guys are free to try...

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