Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Silver Screen | L Change The World

Ken'ichi Matsuyama!!! He's so gorgeous! For those who doesn't know who is Ken'ichi Matsuyama, here you are...Yes! He is L from the movie L Change the World. This was supposed to be Death Note's 3rd sequel. That was what I thought. Apparently, it has nothing to do with the Death Note book. It was burnt at the start of the movie.

It's totally about L. Ahhh.... He saving the world. Those hero-hero type of movie lah. Don't fret. I still think it's a good movie to watch. But some comic readers might have a different set of mind. Saying it's not like in the comic. HELLO??? If you want it to be as like the comic, then just read the comic lah woi.

So, let's start this off. There is no Death Note book, no Kira, no Light Yagami. It's about a virus and wiping off some of the human species in order to clean up the world. A crazy wacko lady, K mastermind this. You notice that I said K. Meaning she was supposed to be on the good guys side. I shall not reveal too much. Where is the fun of that, right? Go to the cinema and watch it!

Besides saving the world, L needs to babysits 2 kids. Which turn out to be hilarious! Trying to bribe them with his candies and chocolates. One genius boy from Thailand (L named him Near, heard that from comic he will be known as N) One girl, Maki, daughter of the scientist that found the antidote for the virus. Cute kid wanting revenge over her father's death caused by K.

The cast

If you want to know what really happen in this movie, you'll know what to do. As for me. . . I liked it. And I love Ken'ichi Matsuyama.

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Nima-chan said...

thanks soooo much!!!! plus, who doesn't want to see a movie with him there a lot, i mean, dude, i could stare at a picture and be content , lol XD thanks again!!