Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wassup | I'm Lovin' It

There is this buzz of free breakfast at McD these days. Well, not the whole set though. Just the Sausage McMuffin. But HEY! It's FREE! People here love FREE stuff. Well, I do too! It's just that it's too early to have burgers and McD is not just around the corner of my house... So, how is the situation? Is the queue long? People fighting to get in line or to get more that 5 pieces? (T&C said that one can only get maximum of 5 pieces)

Oh! I forgot to tell you that it needs coupons to be redeemed. Where to get the coupons? Hmmm... Coupons are given away at all McD, 11am onwards with any purchase and at LRT, monorail stations. So, keep an eye look-out for those people wearing red and the mascot of a paper bag with Ronald McDonald's red shoes that might scare you sometimes. No worries, these are friendly teenagers giving out coupons.
Told you that they're friendly :)


irene said...

wah.... i think u still look better in ur curls. u fatt fook or wat? Xp

~niCoLe~ said...

Arrrgggghhh!!!!! Sob! Sob!