Monday, March 31, 2008

Conquering Taipei | D5 ~ Jiufen & Shihlin NM

Jiufen is our next destination. It's quite far from our hotel and we need to use lotsa transportation to get there. Grabbing the quickiest breakfast around Longshan Temple - healthy sandwich & soya , we head to Taipei Main station via MRT.
My breakfast

Search for the railway station. It's very easy as it is at the same place as the MRT station. Not like Malaysia, have to cross dunno how many roads to reach another type of transportation. Anyway, let's get back on track. Need to find the Railway station ~ TRA Taipei Station.

We used the automatic vending machine to buy tickets to Rueifang (actually an uncle helped us to buy). There are 2 types of tickets NT52 (no seating number) and NT80 (numbered seating & faster train). But for my case, we bought the NT52 tickets coz the schedule shows that the train was reaching soon. However, we wasn't fast enough and the next train is about 45 minutes later. We decided to get on the NT80 train coz it comes in 10 minutes. So, we topped-up our ticket on board the train. Easy, rite? Topped-up NT 28.

The train stopped 3 stations (Yuen Shan, Badu and Sihjiaoting) before we reach Rueifang. 40 minutes later, we reached our destination (YEAH!) So, where is Jiufen? Crossed the road in front of the Rueifang station to the bus stop. Take a bus to Jiufen. Quite straight-forward rite?

Rueifang station

The ride is similar to our Genting Highlands. But safer! Bus driver has great skills and bus got POWER! Hahaha. Jiufen is not as "ulu" as I thought. It's actually very towny feel. Houses along the hills. Cars going up and down as if its like nothing. View was breathtaking!

Finally, we reached Jiufen! Why this is one of the must go place? According to my research, the famous staircase is a must see as well as the authentic cinema. See it yourself!
The famous Jiufen staircase

The authentic cinema

Besides this staircase, shopping is surely there. Mostly are foods and souvenirs. This place was filled with people. It's like "pasar malam" at M'sia. We have a quick bite at one of the shops. The beef noodle was unforgetable. Food price at Jiufen are slightly higher. It's a tourist spot, mah.

Some other foods @ Jiufen

By 5pm, we took the public bus back to Taipei. Didn't want to take a chance to miss the train again. It took nearly the same time as taking the train, 50 minutes to reach Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station. Without wasting time, we rush to Shihlin NM! Stopped at Jiantan station NOT Shihlin station. It's nearer here.

Food and non-food are seperated at Shihlin NM. There is a food court opposite Jiefen MRT station. This is where you'll get all the food. Crossing the road next to this food court is the non-food shopping starts. Shoes, bags, clothes, accesorries, etc. You name it, they got it. But in between those you still can get food and drinks.

Shihlin Food Court

As for dinner, we tried the "Malat Fo Wuo" Spicy Steamboat. It's not as spicy as I thought it would be. Our Tom Yam has more kick. NT183, buffet style. Oh yea. Taiwanese has love to use this sauce called "Sa Cha". Very tasty, actually. They like to use it it most of thier food.

"Malat Fo Wuo"

Without further ado, we head to Shihlin NM and shop! Did I mentioned that you can bargain for better price? YES! You can! This is the place for you to practice your negotiating skills. My Mandarin definately improved! In the middle of this road, there are a row of sellers. I think these are without licence coz when the police come, they will run and hide at the backlane. They can really run. Within a few minutes, they will disappear and reappear. Just like magic.
You noticed that I don't have any photos on shopping coz I'm busy shopping and no time to snap photos. Sorry ya! You need to come and experience it yourself! There is no words can describe it.

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