Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Taiwan Aftermath

I'm missing Taiwan already... Just touched down this morning at 12.05pm. We all was really exhausted, slept all the way from Taiwan's Taoyuan Airport to KLIA. ~Yawn!~ I'm ready for bed, actually. But I can't resist of pinning down some stuff here first.

Well, the trip was a success. All places planned, we managed to get there. *clap, clap* I'll be jotting down all the detail later. But here you have it, the summary:

Day 1 - Ximenting & Huaxi NM
Day 2 - 101 Taipei, Eslite Bookstore (Chen ping shu), Mr J II French-Italian Restaurant & Wufenpu
Day 3 - Yangmingshan-Bamboo Lake (Zhuzihu) & Beitou
Day 4 - PS Bubu Restaurant, Danshui, Danjiang High School (Jay Chou's high school + filming place for Secret), Fisherman's Wraft & Danshui old street (Lau jie)
Day 5 - Jiufen & Shihlin NM
Day 6 - Ximenting, Modern Toilet Restaurant & Shihlin NM
Day 7 - Back to KL :(

Wanna see what I bought from Taiwan? Actually not a bad buy at all. Things are cheaper than KL. Mostly girls stuff.
Trophies from Taiwan
Cute stuff from Taiwan

Books from Eslite Bookstore

Just only a sneak preview for now. Stay tuned for more!

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