Monday, March 17, 2008

Taiwan Countdown | 2 days

"I've packed my bags and ready to go. . . "
OMG! The anticipation! the anxiety! It's killing me. . . In 40 hours I'll be heading to Taipei, Taiwan. As you can see, I'm going there with just one luggage. But you'll never know that I have another small bag inside *muahahaha*. So that I can carry all my shoppings trophy back to KL!
So, there you have it. My flight leaves at 10am, 19th March! Means that we need to be at KLIA by 8am. Argh! 7am to be out of the house! People might say 1 hour to reach KLIA from KL city? Crazy ar? But thanks to Celyn & Alex, we'll be sleeping over at their place @ Puchong! ~Shieh Shieh Nie!

After looking at those Taiwanese game show on TV, there are a lot of stuff to buy. I really hope that I can control myself from spending too much. (probably NOT!) One good thing is our RM price has rise a bit. This morning I saw Taiwan dollars selling at RM10.58 and not as high as last week at RM10.80! All of this because of the election!

So, here is a short summary of where we'll be going. Might as well put it all down now as tomorrow I'll be to busy waiting for time to pass by.
Day 1 - XiMenDing, LongShan Temple, Huaxi NM
Day 2 - YangMingShan, DanShui, BaiTou
Day 3 - ShihLin NM, MaoKong
Day 4 - Taipei 101, WuFenPu, Raohe NM, Jay Chou's restaurant (MUST!)
Day 5 - JiuFen
Day 6 - Ermmm... ShihLin NM
Day 7 - Back to KL
There you have it! You'll notice that there are some of the days are empty. It's reserved for MORE SHOPPING!

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