Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Taiwan Countdown | 7 days


Yeah man! My holiday trip is drawing closer! 7 days to go, equivalent of 5 more working days. This goes out to the other 7 gals and guys who'll be striding to Taipei!! AARGH! *screaming of happiness*

Well, been doing lotsa research on where to go...
~pst! pst! Actually looking for places to SHOP till we all drop!

As we will be going on a Free & Easy Trip, we will need all the imagination we got. Weng created a site for all of us to post-up all our crazy ideas ~

Here are some sites that I've used to crank up the 7D6N itinerary ~

From other blogs posted by travellers ~

Terima kasih!!!

There are a few places that must be visited... All of them has a place that they really want to go. Weng wants to go to Jiufen(九份). Fong wants to go to a restaurant made famous by a Taiwan series stared by F4 called P.S Bubu Fusion Food. Lin vowed that Yangmingshan(陽明山) must be visited. Most of the girls, especially Fong wants to go shopping at Shihlin night market(士林夜市), Wufenpu(五分埔).*ahem* Me too lah!
As for me... *muahahaha* Shopping is a must, anywhere will do ~ as long as there is a place to SHOP!!! Then, Mr.J 義法廚房Ⅱ ~ Jay Chou's restaurant!

So, there is nothing much to do now but WAIT patiently. *tick, tock, tick, tock, tick,tock* (Why is it still 12th March?)

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