Saturday, March 29, 2008

Conquering Taipei | D4 ~ Danshui - DanJiang High School & Fisherman Wharf

Before leaving our hot spring hotel, we can't resist for another dip. Did I mentioned that our stay includes breakfast too? It does! So, after the breakfast we all went in to "cook" ourselves again. By 12pm, we bid goodbye to Broad Way Hotel. (sob!sob!)
Broad Way Hotel breakfast
Next on the list is Fong's destination - PS Bubu Fusion Food. It's from the Taiwanese series Meteor Garden. For those who doesn't know this, the series starred by F4. So, it's an ancient series.
P.S. Bubu Fusion Food

To get here, from Xinbeitou MRT station to reach Beitou and exchange to any line to Shipai station. Get on R19 bus to reach Tianmu Village. The restaurant is easily seen at the main road. Not like Mr J II. . . Food was nice too. Priced nearly the same as Mr J II. Serving fusion food. We ordered a few types of pasta sets. (NT2,915 to be divided by 8)

We took a bus back to Shipai station to catch MRT to Danshui. Reaching Danshui took about 30 minutes. First thing comes to my mind is to search for Danjiang High School~Jay Chou's high school + shooting of Secret movie. Took R38 bus,reached the high school within minutes and a few minutes walk. It's open to public as it is an historical school. Closing time is 5pm so, I got 2 hours to spend.

Danshui MRT station and Danshui view@ Danjiang High SchoolRemember any of these scenes?Was told that Jay used to study at the 2nd floor
It was really a nice place to study. There are still classes going on there. But I can't find the room that stores all the pianos (in the movie). According to the students, that scene was not shot there. True enough, I found the that building in another school/uni next door.
After running around the school like kids, we head back to the main road and grab bus 836 to Fisherman's Wharf (Yu Ren Ma Tou). The view was nice. Too bad the weather wasn't that good and we couldn't watch the sunset.
Fisherman's WharfFood @ Fisherman's Wharf@ Old Street (Lau Jie)

Lau Jie is a must walk. Full of foods and things to see. Too bad that we couldn't finish the whole stretch as it started to rain. Well. it maintained clear sky for 3 days. We can't ask for more. So, we heading back to Taipei Main station and exchange back to Longshan Temple station. What a day!

After reaching our hotel, there are a few of us still eye wide open. Fong, Siew, Weng and Me heading back to Ximenting to have a drink. We bear through the rain. Actually we took the taxi (NT70 +NT20 extra charge)

Fish House was the name. We just have a drink and chat. Most of the shops are closed (11pm). By the time we head back, it was on the last train! Luckily enough we squeeze through. What an adrenaline rush!

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