Friday, March 28, 2008

Conquering Taipei | D2 ~ Taipei 101, Mr J II & Wufenpu

Here we are at Day 2! Started the day off with a nice porridge breakfast. Yummy! It's called "chou chi rou chou dien" Chow kei meat porridge shop, just a stone-walk from our hotel The "char siu" very nice. In total NT80 per pax.
Chou Chi Rou Chou Dien
We headed to town after breakfast, taking the MRT to Taipei City Hall station. Note: Do purchase their Easy Card "Youyou" Card. It's like our Touch N Go card. Cost: NT500 (NT100 for deposit) Went to 101 Taipei, right behind the MRT station. It's B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. There is an observation level but the price is NT400. So, we didn't go in. Just browse through the souvenir shop and the shopping complex around there. Oh yea. Most of the stores opens at 11am.

Taipei 101

Hunger strikes again. Next on the menu is my target: Mr J II French Italian Restaurant. I only have my map and common sense to guide us to that restaurant. We walked around, I think for an hour and finally found it. Thanks to Weng. My advise: get a cab and go to the Taipei Medical University Hospital. It's just behind it. I was so happy to see that restaurant! And knowing that Jay will sometime drop by. But at night. There goes my chance to bumb into him.

Mr Jay II French-Italian Restaurant
The restaurant is themed after the movie Secret. Hence, the piano was there. All the posters are there. Ahhhhh...... "Jie Lun!!! Wo AI Nie!!!"
Food there was great too! Prices like TGI Friday here. I ordered the Tomato Chicken Pasta set (NT180) + Munchies set-salad/soup, drink, desert (NT49). Oh yeah. And I couldn't resist to buy Jay's poker cards (NT100) and 2 Jay candies (NT60x2). I wanted the authographed deck but the staff said I couldn't. But they were kind enough to have their photos taken. Hehe...

Heard that books are cheap in Taiwan. So, after filling our tummies, we grab a taxi to Eslite Bookstore "Chen Ping Shu" down the road (NT85). It's actually a heaven for those Chinese bookworms. Don't get me wrong. I'm a bookworm myself. It's just that the books here are mostly Chinese. But I did manage to grab 2 books.

With all the purchases in bags, we heading to the famous Wufenpu for shopping! Note: Wufenpu is closed for public on Mondays. It's for distributors only. Took MRT to Houshanpi and walk across the road. And there you'll have it!

Before our shopping spree, we need to refill our energy. "Lu Fan" is very nice at this restaurant - Formosa Chang, NT26. Ordered "Tang San Pork Rib" (NT55) and "Chai Tou" Soup (NT30). Funny enough, restaurant in Taipei does not serve drinks.

Formosa Chang

Here we go shopping!!! I shall not say anymore here about shopping. I bought my boots here and s0me shirt-dress. Cheap, cheap! All starts at NT100. Some shirt-dress cost only NT150. Talking about it makes me all tingling again! Muahaha!


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