Monday, March 17, 2008

Silver Screen | Ah Long Ptd Ltd

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah Long, Long Long!" I think the song can make it to the top of any charts! You might be wondering what am I'm blabbering about. Yet another Singapore-Malaysia movie from Jack Neo ~ Ah Long Pte Ltd.
(Why I say Singapore-Malaysia? It's mostly filmed in KL, Malaysia and a collaboration between Malaysian and Singaporeans actors/actress.)

I must say that this movie deserve applause! At least from me :) It made me laugh so hard that my jaw ache! This movie is in Mandarin and Hokkien. Honestly, I don't watch Mandarin movies in cinema (except it's by Jay Chou!) But I made an exceptional case for Ah Long Pte Ltd.

First of all, the beauty, Fann Wong made a great "Lau Da" (big boss-Li Hua)
and acting as her hubby Mark Lee is a make-believe "Ah-kua". Applause to Jack Lim (MyFm DJ) and KK Wong (988 DJ, I think). They did a great job!

Fann Wong as Li Hua

Mark Lee as Jojo
The story goes on about Ah Long(s) ~obviously! There are a few so called triads, namely "Shao He" and "Qing Long" (Green Dragon) are the ones that is neck-in-neck to conquer Mal-Sing territory. Shao He has been handed down to Li Hua and Qing Long is headed by Hong Qing Long.
Jack Lim as Qing Long
Li Hua is trying to change the people perceptions towards all the Ah Longs and Qing Long is not keen on the idea. Having said so, these 2 are not on the same boat hence the battle begins. Now, don't get me wrong. It's not like those triad movies where hands and heads are being chopped off. It's actually a community education movie with a pinch of humor.

Mark Lee on the other hand is the desert of the movie. He plays the hubby of Li Hua called Jojo. Hearing the name does make us think that he's really an Ah-Kua. He accidently married Li Hua without noticing that she is an Ah Long's big boss. (like that also can?)

So, I shall not spoil the whole movie by telling you all the juices. Take a chance and watch this movie at the cinema near you! It's worth laughing your stress away!

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