Thursday, March 27, 2008

Conquering Taipei | D1 ~ Ximenting & Huaxi NM

The day started early @ 5.45am in Lin's house. Didn't know that sleeping on the sofa can be comfortable too. Dredging to wake up while taking turns to use the bathroom did buy me some time to catch another 10 winks of sleep.
KLIA limo arrived @ 7am sharp and we started our 45 minutes journey to KLIA from Puchong. It was a van which fitted all 8 of us plus luggage. Cost: RM115.30.

Reaching KLIA was easy but queuing up to check-in was a nightmare. We managed to check-in all our luggage @ 9am (more than 1 hour! Thanks to the so-called people working there). Grab a quick breakie & we're off (at final call without knowing it) We're the last ones to board the MH95. *paiseh*
Here is the gang

Touch down @ Taiwan Taoyuan Airport at 2.15pm. Quickly we checked-out and head for the bus stop. Read from someone's blog saying taxi will cost a fortune. So, we bought tickets from Freego Bus to our hotel. Cost: NT140 per person. (NT10 = RM10 approx.)

However, the bus took us to the city center and we waited for another bus to transfer us to the hotel. Took about 50 minutes.

It was already 5.30pm when we reached our hotel, Kilin Hotel "Qilin fan dien". After taking half hour break, we head for Ximenting by foot. I think it took us about 25 minutes. Wasn't a long walk coz there were many things to see along the way. Alternatively, can walk to Longshan Temple MRT station and ride to Ximen MRT station.

Kilin Hotel

Spent 3 hours there. Sure it was freezing 18 Celsius, we agreed to eat something hot. We settled at this shop, it's kinda like our Malaysian steamboat, "San Ma Chou Chou Wo" Cost NT100-120. Tasted good. We ordered a few flavours; pig intestines, fish head and duck. Not bad at all. One of them have the "chou dou fu", smelly tofu. Didn't eat much coz wanted to save some space for others. *hehe* Lot's to see, buy and eat at Ximenting. Be prepared to gain kg(s)
"San Ma Chou Chou Wo"

Next stop is Huaxi NM. It's at Longshan MRT station. Eat again! The sausages, the fried chicken chop, the bubble tea, the fried oysters. There are so many choices that cannot be resisted. Choose well, my friend.

Huaxi NM

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