Sunday, May 4, 2008

Silver Screen | Iron Man aka "Lelaki Seterika"

Way too cool! Loved the movie. I'm no comic addict but I sure enjoyed this. Robert Downey Jr. is THE MAN! Quote "Yeah! I can fly!"

Beam me up!

I missed few minutes in the beginning. Thanks to the snack counter. Pavilion GSC should hire better staff, in other words, a faster staff. I just wanted popcorn and mineral water. Why is is so slow. Buck up lah!

As I was saying, Robert Downey Jr. did a great job doing Tony Stark. Being snobbish with a pinch of humour. Gwyneth Paltrow was gorgeous. Would make you start thinking ~ will these 2 be together? Well. . . you be the judge to that.

Enough being said about the cast. Let's move on the the sexy metal! Red and gold ~ to be said not to be OTT. Lol!
Do I look sexy or what?
The storyline was good enough. It's about saving the world (bla, bla,bla). Tony Stark is a genius billionaire that invents weapons. So, he would have a lot of enemies. Thus, got kidnapped loh. How did the suit comes in sight? I shall not spoil the fun for you to watch it at the cinema. This movie should not be seen via pirated DVD. I strongly recommend to see it in the cinema. Plus, the soundtrack is not bad.

Iron Man cast

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