Friday, May 16, 2008

Cubicle | Road to China

"bei jing huan ying nie. . ."

Before I blabber out some nonsense, take a look at the 2008 Olympic theme song ~ Beijing Welcomes You. Caution: LONG SONG ~ 6 minutes ++

Feeling very proud? I mean as a Chinese. The song is actually not bad. Easily stuck in your head. And you'll be humming the song the whole day. Oh! It's sung by 100 singers from China, HK and Taiwan. NO! Jay Chou was not in it. So sad :( Got Stefanie Sun, FIR, Lee Hom, Richie Ren, Wa-Kin, Jolin, Nic Tse, Joey Yung, Na Ying, etc.

Why ROAD TO CHINA, you asked? Remember ROAD TO SPAIN?

Nala came up with a new term of ROAD TO CHINA. He said it's the "IN" thing now.
Together now! ~~bei jing huan ying nie~~

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