Monday, May 26, 2008

Wassup | Books Galore

Who said that Malaysian doesn't read enough books?

This once a year event, Book Fest 2008 organized by Popular Bookstore proved them wrong. The place was packed with people last weekend. It will last for the whole week in conjunction with the school holidays (yipee! less traffic jam in the morning!

Venue: KL Convention Centre

Date: 24 May - 1 June 2008

Time: 10am - 10pm

Entry fees: RM2


People~books~more people~more books

Well, I did bought 2 books. Not really that cheap, normal titles are 10% (non-Popular card member) and 20% (Popular card member). I'm not a Popular Bookstore member so 10% ~ i can get it anywhere. Some does have special discounts. You need to really go look for it.

I bought Cecelia Ahern's Thanks for the Memories @ RM51.90. It's her latest. Wonder if it's as good as PS I Love You. (I shed some tears on that book
) It's cheaper compared to Kinokuniya at this time lah.

Yes. I bought a book to learn Chinese :)

Besides books there are CDs, DVDs, stationary, stuff toys, etc. there. I can't resist to buy these... (hehe!)
Weng asked: Aik? How come you bought all these? It's a book fair, right?

Nicole answered: Hehehe... I bought 1 for you and 1 for me... *trying to be cute, lor*
See what he bought... Like real... :p

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