Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cubicle | Why no more blog?!

Ah Nie asked "Why no updates on ur blog?!" *sounds like a command than asking loh* Hahaha... (jangan marah...)

Anyway, life's been mundane. Nothing that "TING!" that would make way to my blog. Been work, work and more work. Still doing lot'sa paper work IE. data entry stuff... I'm a database person meaning analyzing data. Hence, entering data would be part of my job too. Let's not bore our audience till death, ya Nicole. . .

Life is like my zebra here. Sekejap semangat, sekejap lemah semangat!
See what I mean?
Feel like want to lie down and zzzzz..... Just let the week pass by...
Oh! There is something to look forward to. Hopefully I'll get a letter soon on some good news. Wish me luck and please cross all your fingers and toes for me.
Forgot to mention that it's May 13th today. I'm no historian here. But I know that it's not a good day for our country. Let's have a silent moment, be thankful that was the past and leave the past behind.

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Autumn Moth said...

"Why no updates on ur blog?"

NO EXCLAMATION MARK (!) lorr.. don't exaggerate! So, its not a command. Purely asking niar. In case you're wondering, yes this is ah nie. :pPpppPPpPpPp


Good LUCK! ;)