Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wassup | The devils of shopping!

OMG! OMG! My heart is beating faster. My skin feels all tingly. *No! I'm not falling in love. I've fallen in love with someone long ago*

The devils I'm referring are my temp staffs. They are the culprit that dragged me into online shopping. I bought a bag via online and I'm still using it now. One of my favourite bag. Hence, no more phobia for online shopping.

Today is the last day to place orders. Mind you, they have their system whereby they got cut-off time for orders. So that the buyers can get their purchases faster. Not bad, eh? Yesterday I made up my mind not to buy as I still got 1 more bag from Taiwan that I haven't use. But, as they say "girls just can't have enough bags!". Well, I'm the proof of that. Weng always say I can open up a BAG MUSEUM. *erm... not a bad idea*

This is my purchase. It's a side bag as well as a sling bag. Main thing, it's big! I can put all my stuff in it. Loads and loads of stuff: Wallet, HP, make-ups, PSP, digicam, etc. etc. I choose the black one. Nice? RM30 (excluding delivery fees, normally its just extra RM1-2) Cheap?

Go visit *Nicole set to poison all bag addicts. Muahahaha! (evil laugh)* Thanks ya! jbtalks.

P/S: Success poisoning Gracias, PK and Vic (all my temp staffs)

Weng, you sponsor me me arrr... *wink! wink!*

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