Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wassup | Do I need wheels?

So tired today. Maybe it was because of last night's public transport. I'm sick and tired of our public transport. Especially Komuter. It's always not on time thus the crowd! OMG! Imagine that you standing beside a tall guy with his hand holding on the bar above. Luckily this guy standing beside me does not have BO! Ha ha ha!
The trusty Komuter

So, comes to mind ~ do I need wheels? Can I afford it? My mom always tells me that a car have better lives than human. Drinking good stuff or shall I say expensive stuff, maintenance, toll and the list goes on and on. Plus I do have my dad and bf to send and fetch me around. Decisions, decisions to make. . . To come to think of it, paiseh to have to ask for rides. Sometimes going out with friends would be difficult.
Buy me?

I do have my driving license (framed up). That would be a problem too. But as they said, when you got a car, it will force you to drive. Well, I can't be a judge to that (yet!)

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