Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wassup | I Love You, Mommy!

~I Love You Too, Daddy!~

Wishing all moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day! This year it's on May 11th. I can say that I didn't miss any Mother's Day with my mommy. This year I planned a small surprise for her. As they say "which women/girl that doesn't like flowers?" So. . . me and my colleague, Rachel went to buy our moms flowers. She's been doing this for years and her mom just love it. I didn't splurge a lot coz my brother didn't want to share the cost with me (boo! hoo!)

For my mommy...

How does it looks? I can't remember the scientific name for these. But the florist said it's from the carnation family. *Pst! Does it looks like a cauliflower? (pau choy)* Rachel said so. But I think it's sweet and cute. From the back on my head, I keep hearing my mommy say "Waste money". But SURPRISE! SURPRISE! My mom was really happy and said this is the first time getting flowers. Yeah, she did said that I wasted money and 1 carnation was good enough. But I asked "Happy getting it?" I got a big smile and a big YES!

For Rachel's mom

Rachel got her mom's favourite lilies. Looks good, rite? Oh, did I told you that quite reasonably priced? Mine was for RM40 and Rachel's for RM80. It looks like as though it costs RM100++. Sure you'll start asking where? where? Hehe. . . Why not share with you??? It's at Wisma Cosway, 1st floor, next to Ton Chan Japs restaurant. The florist shop's name is Rain. Lovely lady there.

One last look. LOVELY!!


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