Monday, September 15, 2008

Wassup | pat yuet sap em

Yes. It means the 15th day of the 8th month in Lunar calender. Also means Mid-Autumn Festival. Mooncake galore!!!

Lanterns @ Tian Hou Gong

Besides having makan-makan session with my family, a good friend of mine got his marriage registered at Tian Hou Gong. So, I was up early Sunday morning to attend his day. Sky was blue, sun was all out. A great day indeed.

It was a SUNNY, HOT day @ Tian Hou Gong

The registration was short and simple ~ saying I DO "yuen yi", exchange rings and of coz the signing of papers. And TADA! They're married! Kem Yip nearly shouted "yuen yi", it was so loud and clear. Good for him! Wish them all the best in their united life. Congrats to Kem Yip and Soo Cheng. And obviously I went camera crazy on them!

United as one

Newly weds ~ Yip & Cheng

Good ol' Yip being his cheeky-self

I love this shot!

Another one for the album! ~Yeay!~

Now we just have to wait for their wedding day on 22.12.08. It's about 3 months from now. It should be enough time to save up angpau money. Hehehe...

A toast to Kem Yip & Soo Cheng!

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