Monday, September 8, 2008

Hunting 4 Food | Jogoya

I know I'm quite late for this restaurant. I know lot'sa people went there and tasted. This is my first time. Coz my friend, Fong keep on insisting on going here. So, here we are. JOGOYA @ STARHILL.

I think I better show this first. The frequently asked questions. THE PRICE!!!

The lunch time

The dinner & supper time

The bill for 4 of us. o_O

So, it's RM101.20 per person for dinner. It's worth it for those real eaters. The sashimi are fresh. The coconut drinks were delicious. Liquor was free flow!!! Ice-cream was Haagen-Dazs!!! Choices of food are uncountable.

Fresh oysters, prawn salad, lobster salad

Take as much as you can ~ coconut drink and sushi spread

Chawamushi and tempura

Can I have more desserts, please? ~tiramisu, fruit tart, 'gui lin gou' and 'lin yong pau'

And wash it down with some sweet fruits and tea ~ Ahhhhh....

BURP! So, I managed to walk back to the car park. Full like a *tut* I know ~ more gym session lor!

For the buffet lover ~ GO FOR IT!!!

JOGOYA @ STARHILL, Relish Floor - 03-2142 1268

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