Friday, September 19, 2008

Cubicle | Value

val.ue ~ relative worth, merit, or importance

How does one feel when seeing themselves fading away in the background?
How does one feel that they are not that important anymore?




Talking about value. . . Me and Rachel went shopping just now @ Isetan, Lot 10. It was their anniversary sales, pre-sales today. Went there with a mission: buy face stuff. And I ended up buying . . .
Value, right? Mind you, I got 9 items of free gifts! L-O-L! Nope, I'm not telling you how much I spent here. Let's keep that a secret. But as for lunch, we had Mamee cup noodles. Sounds very cham? *I'm OK with any kind of donations. Hehe*

Well, value brings a lot of meaning to me today... Good and bad too.

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