Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cubicle | September baby

Birthday girl in da' house ~ Rachel ~ Yeay! Another round of buffet! *burp* This time is to Saisaki @ UOA, KL.
My first plate

It was supposed to be a surprised. But some of the attendees leaked out the plan. ARGH! Never in my life that the things that I planned ends like this! But we all had a GREAT time. Laughing our heads off. Quoted from Ah Bong "You think your house, ar?" This is what I'll miss the most when I'm gone *sob, sob*

Anyway, food was abundance. Everyone was taking a few rounds. I lost count on Elvis's plates. And lost count on Nala's prawn fascination. But everyone went back with an extra kg. After having Jogoya last weekend, Saisaki was just nothing. Another reason to hit the gym again ~sigh~

Some of the desserts

What's left to the prawns ~ thanks to Nala

The price






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