Friday, September 26, 2008

Cubicle | So long. . .

Yesterday was fun. My heart was sad but it was fun. I've cleared up my desk. Double-checked all my folders was cleared. Erasing all of my stuff in the PC. Sigh. . . No. I didn't cry my eyes out yesterday. Even though Ah Bong tried to make me cry. (If he keep on trying, I might end up crying loh)

My (x) work station

Anyway, life must go on. After work we went to Lot 10 and I got myself a tiny make-up class (thanks to Rachel) I look good. . . *hehehe* I shall not post the end product here. *shy, shy* (pst! you can see it at my FB)

In the making...

Then headed back to Pavilion for a formal farewell dinner at Nando's. I was hoping to see my boss, YM there. But he was away for training. Talk about timing. . . . I didn't eat much as there was a second round for my farewell. *muahaha* And lookie at what I got!

My very own external drive *just the casing*

Well, I did hinted ~several times, hehehe~ that I wanted a external hard drive *in case that you didn't notice* I thought that I won't get it until I received a MMS from Nala, asking me to check my bag. Mind you, the MMS was with a picture of an external drive. I was so surprised looking at the box! I got it! I got it! And I kept asking Nala, why didn't he give it to me earlier when I was busying, transferring and burning my files on to DVDs. But it was really light when I opened the box. And Nala told me ~ remember to get only the SATA branded hard drive arrr. . . Then only I knew, it was only the casing (paiseh of me) It's gorgeous, rite? So, I'll be getting my external drive soon.

Box of chocolates from Grace ~ thank you so much!

And I got this cute card from them ~ hand-made! I really loved it. Yes. I was blabbering about me being invisible during the last few days here.

Is it that obvious that I like FBing?

Second round ~ karaoke session! Only few of us went. Thanks so much for this. I'll really missed you all. But hey! We can always come out for yamcha.

Rach ~ our crabbing sessions, Ah Ney & Bubu ~ our steamboat sessions. Nala ~ our drinking session. Grace ~ our K sessions.

Love you all!
*sob, sob*

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