Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wassup | Different standards?

It's a fact that different standards are practiced everywhere. Let me give you some scenarios.

Try comparing yourself buying something from a stall and a "gwai lou" buying the same thing. For sure, all frown to you and a big fat smile for the "gwai lou". True?

Being totally invisible while serving your notice period. Feels like you are camouflaging yourself with the background. Or fading away like a disappearing ghost? Take a pick ~ either way you feel like unseen. *except to the wackos* Compared to working your a** off for the pass 2 years. Typical?

Not getting help from others because you're not single and available anymore? Picture yourself having to take a hot bowl of noodles across the table while the very person across the table doesn't want to help. Or having to go under the table to check on the network cable problem while your neighbour busily types the keyboard not offering any help? Sigh...

Talk about double standards. . .

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