Friday, September 12, 2008

Cubicle | Cold room

Do you know what is a cold room? Let's get back to the Chinese history. . . You know when the emperor has lot's of wives and concubines? When one of those wives or concubines are unwanted, they will be sentenced into the "lang gung" a.k.a cold room. This is where they are ignored and forgotten.

Since its left a few weeks for me here, I'm in the cold room now. I know that I'm not supposed to handle anymore jobs but . . . not until like this lor. So, I'm just minding my business ~ leaving my job documentation for the junior coming in, clearing my stuff, do some research, thinking of what to have for lunch, etc.

Weng said ~ it's like that geh. Nala said ~ where got?. Rachel said ~ they are just busy loh.

Anyway, I'm just enjoying the company now. The dumb jokes, the wacky pranks, the "x-rated" discussion. o_O Hahahaha!

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