Sunday, September 21, 2008

Silver Screen | Sweet Rain [死神の精度] Accuracy of Death

Shinigami no Seido

2 words! NICE WATCH

Having Takeshi Kaneshiro is a bonus. He's so good looking. Even in all the 3 characters that he portrayed. YUMMY!!!

Chiba san

Takeshi as Chiba is the God of Death [shinigami] that will visit and judge those who will be dying soon. Judge? Meaning he have the say to proceed (death) or suspend (live). He'll get to know you and your destiny and your unfinished business. It always rains when he worked, thus the name Sweet Rain. Sweet? Coz he's kind hearted. Not just taking people's life away. And did I mentioned that he's GORGEOUS?

OK. Let's talk about the girl of this movie, Manami Konishi. She is Kazue Fujiki here and she's a sad case. First part, everyone around her dies. Second part is about his son's sad life. Third part, her golden days. But there is always a silver lining in her clouds.

Manami Konishi as Kazue Fujiki

Care to know the ending? Go watch it! I liked it. It's a story about LIFE. Not death to me. What do you think?

Sunny Day - Manami Konishi [nice song from this movie]

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