Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wassup | n.i.n.e

As I said earlier, every 31st August brings another meaning to me and Weng. This year's set us to the 9th year :) We'll celebrate it every year without fail. Maybe coz it collides with Merdeka, it's easier to remember.

We didn't plan for anything special celebration as we got something at the end of September. I thought of just a nice dinner and that's all. Or maybe a small trip to Melaka. Then suddenly felt like wanting to do something else. So, started the countdown on 23rd Aug. Giving him a present everyday for the next nine days. Small nine items for each day. I know, it's insane. But, it's just small, small stuff. . . I think I can afford it.

DAY 9 ~ 23rd August
small tube [9 cubes of letters inside]

DAY 8 ~24th August crystal rocks [9 rocks inside]

DAY 7 ~ 25th August mini bells [9 colorful bells]

DAY 6 ~ 26th August
cupcakes [9 wondermilk cuppacakes]

DAY 5 ~ 27th August
big tube [9 scrolls inside]

DAY 4 ~ 28th August
mini clothes clips [9 cute clips inside]

DAY 3 ~ 29th August chocolates [9 delicious patchi]

DAY 2 ~30th August
seashells [handmade, ya! *still got something to add on*]

DAY 1 ~ 31st August
our memory [9 moments captured]

I told you that it was small stuff, some got meaning, some doesn't have. It's just the fun of it. Well. . . he was happy, anxious, curious about all these. Hehehe. . .


He found this CD for me. Remember those days ~ cassette times? I can say that it's our song ~ 新鲜 [Fresh]. Listening to this made me think about our college time, when he explained this song's lyric to me - word by word. *sweet, sweet*

梁咏琪 [Gigi Leung]

Later that nite (after a full day of babies-sitting my nephews and niece), we went to Chef & Brew for a bottle of wine :)

HAPPY 9th, Weng...


suetmei said...

aiyoo, so sweet of you (:
those lil pressies are so adorable!

~niCoLe~ said...

thank u... thank u...