Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trippin | Cameron

It's been quite a while from my last trip to Cameron Highlands. I think roughly about 3-4 years? Well, this time I went with my new colleagues. A bunch of ladies! Can imagine how noisy a group of 12 ladies? Hehehe. We're real head-turners.

Right after Friday's work, we drove to Ipoh to stay a night at Rachel's. And we had the famous Ipoh Chicken Rice, of coz. The very next morning, had dim sum *how come everyone goes to Ipoh must have dim sum for breakfast? I'll never know* So, it's either "Ming Kok" or "Fuh San" ~ just opened a newly renovated shop.

Then up we go to Cameron using the new road from Simpang Pulai. Much more easier compared with the old road. That's why there's a crowd in Cameron.

breath in~breath out~ahhhh...

First thing comes to mind? STRAWBERRY!!! Not one of my favorite fruit but can lah. Being at Cameron, how can you not eat strawberry? Just look at it? But it won't last long :( I think the good ones already being sent to downhill. Fetch a better price than selling to tourists. The next day it went all soggy. So, have to eat it once you buy it.

First thing you'll see

The second thing you'll think of ~ BOH TEA

BOH Tea Centre. Needs a good driver to maneuver the narrow road. A real challenge! After much nail-biting incident, we've reached our destination. There's a nice Tea House made by glass and metal where you can enjoy a cuppa. But be prepared to be told that the tea you've ordered is out-of-stock! What a joke! Tea out-of-stock in a Tea Centre.

Found this place called Strawberry Moment near the evening market. It serves, well of course strawberry food! Not too pricey with some nice looking desserts. Worth a try!

Strawberry Strudels

Strawberry Fondue

Besides stuffing strawberries, we had steamboat. Just choose those with fare amount of customers. Don't go to those deserted steamboat restaurant. It's deserted for a reason. Hehe. Fruits and veggie is very cheap and fresh! We had Rambutans, Mangosteen, Sweet Potato and Jagung! That's for us to eat!

Next morning we barge into the market to grab stuff back home. Things are sold by pieces not by kgs. Flowers are available too. But this time there wasn't much variety. As a whole it's been a good trip :) But I'm really looking forward to my Langkawi trip with the x Kelabu Sedunia people! That would be a great trip!

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