Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trippin | Booze @ Langkawi

My annual 'passport stamping' trip won't happen this year. So, let's just settle with some local spot! I know, I know, H1N1 is on the loose. That doesn't stop the world from moving, right?

Jewel of Kedah ~ Langkawi. That's the destination. What comes into mind? Cheap booze! Cheap booze! And cheap chocolates too :) Having to get the cheapest tix from Air Asia, we got the 4.20pm flight and reached Langkawi around 5.30pm. Yeah it was delayed a bit. No surprise :(

Once reached, we had our drivers ~ Alf & GKoe! Yeay!!! Had a nice Thai dinner and headed back to our Langkasuka Resort to our stash. *hic! hic!*

Only RM100++ ~ cheap, right?

The very next morning, being very healthy ~ we went to Mount Mat Chinchang. The highest longest cable car ride that I've ever taken. Scary too! But it's worth it. The view is breath-taking. And I'm not talking about the haze. Surprisingly it was not hazy.


After the mountain, we went to the sea *kinda*. Langkasuka Resort is just along the beach. A plus point! It's not as nice as Tanjung Rhu or Datai Bay. But it's peaceful and quiet. The sun was a bit shy to set openly but it will do :)

It was a sunny day the next day and we spent most of the morning at the beach and the pool. I think I got tanned. Bubu was trying to get a tan buy grilling herself under the sun. But she just got her nose tan! Hahahaha! Gnet was bronzed too. And she was under the shade like me. Those wants to be tanned can't get it. Those not really wanting to be tanned, got tanned. Hmmm...

Sunglasses out!

Here's the gang! The ol' Kelabu Serata Dunia. And YES! WE MISS YOU KENNY! Wish you were here to go bonkers with us...

Till we meet again on our next trip... And Alf ~~~ BON VOYAGE! All the best in Singapore!

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